Breathing Life into a High-Tech, Glowing Sphere

Alicia Eler, Hyperallergic, July 23, 2015

Back in the late ’90s, I considered going to raves. There were kids at my high school wearing jelly bracelets, wide-legged JNCO skater jeans, and last night’s eyeliner and mascara, smeared and stained. In our 9am homeroom class I could see the multi-colored, ever-flashing lights of last night’s rave bouncing off my classmates’ whites, the power transcendent and somehow luminescent but never quite spiritual. I wanted to be there, but I didn’t. At Fridman Gallery’s ongoing performance series In the Glow of a Breathing Sphere, I experienced a similar feeling toward a custom-built thing called “PRANA” (which means “breath” or the “life force”): a giant glowing sphere set in the middle of the gallery that is activated by the breath of people who step into it. The name of the exhibition refers both to the act of breathing life force into the sphere and to the ongoing series of performances that activate prana energy in other ways.