Untitled Art Miami Beach: Booth C07

3 - 7 December 2014 

Fridman Gallery is honored to present works buy Reuvan Israel. 


Reuven’s sculptures have an air of unreality. Outlying symbols of shared memories, they are not abstractions of specific objects, but sculptures thriving for autonomy as unique things. Encountering these objects evokes a range of associations often related to practical science, religious artifacts, architecture and symbols of power. 


The pieces appear functional at first glance, then hide their purpose and meaning behind the high-gloss finish, only to be revealed again as independent objects of a world all their own. Due to their high-level finish, the sculptures often look like industrial products, although they are fabricated by manual means of carpentry and spray painting.


Reuven’s recent work focuses on skewering, as a tactic for sculpture. Various individual components of different shapes and colors are united into a sculptural piece by a metal rod driven through them. These totem-like structures, masterfully built with contemporary materials, render meaning to objects and question the truth that belies sensual perception. 


For the booth, we suggest a set of these skewers; some leaning against the wall, others "rolling" on the floor, a cluster of sculptures inhabiting the visitor’s space. This will be a new body of work made in 2014.